Luvitol CBD Sales Guide

Submit a New Wholesale Order



Step 1: Open Purchase Order Form on Google Docs



Step 2: Click File-> Make A Copy to save a copy to your account.


Step2: Enter current date


Step 3: Create a custom PO# that starts with your initials and then 001 (example DH001).  Then increase by 1 for each new PO you create.


Step 4: Print a blank template to fill out by hand or enter the customer information and order details on the spreadsheet.


Step 5: Verify total and add shipping cost.

$9.00 for small orders that can fit in a padded envelope

$14.00 for a medium flat rate box

$25.00 for a large flat rate box


Step 6: Collect payment and send the spreadsheet through google docs or as a photo attachment to [email protected]



Luvitol CBD Purchase Order Form


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