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CBD Article Topic Suggestions

  • CBD for healing Lyme Disease symptoms
  • All about the Endocannabinoid System
  • Orange Terpene benefits
  • CBD-Drug Interactions: Role of Cytochrome P450
  • Is CBD Safe? Are there any contraindications?
  • Top CBD Benefits for Pets
  • The benefits of DMSO and CBD
  • Single Compound CBD Isolate vs. Whole Plant CBD
  • How CBD Oil Helps with Pain.
  • Does CBD work as good as pain killers
  • Will CBD result in a positive drug test?
  • How CBD Helps to Balance Women’s Hormones
  • How to use CBD Oil / What Dose is right for me?
  • Why use CBD Hemp Oil for Skin Care
  • Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD
  • What is CBG and what are the potential medical applications?
  • What is CBC and what are the potential medical applications?
  • Benefits of Lecithin for your Brain
  • Benefits of Hemp Roots
  • How CBD reduces epilepsy and seizures
  • How CBD can  be integrated into your healing profession
  • Benefits of combining bodywork/massage with CBD
  • How CBD affects sleep, Restless Leg Syndrome, Insomnia, compare to sleep medications
  • Hemp grown by conventional methods vs grown organic or biodynamic
  • CBD and how it can enhance meditation, yoga, connection of bodymind

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Article Requirements

  1. Article must be clearly written and well researched with citations.
  2. Include an explanation about how CBD interacts with specific systems or pathways within our bodies associated with the topic you are writing about. It may be helpful to search for peer reviewed articles using Google Scholar (scholar.google.com).
  3. Explain medical terms and processes so that they are easy for people to understand.
  4. Do not cite websites that are also selling products – reference only medical journals or science based website.
  5. Do not copy and paste directly from sources – articles will be checked for duplicate content using Grammarly Plagiarism and Grammar Checker
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Payment Tiers

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  • 100 LUV BYTES for articles with less than 500 words

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