CBD Oil for Pain

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pain

Chronic pain is something that quite a lot of people have been suffering from. According to data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), over 11 percent of American adults (25.3 million people) have experienced some form of pain every day for the past three months. The study also found that even more people — 17.6 percent of American adults — suffer from “severe levels” of pain. The medical industry has yet to find a single treatment option that is capable of relieving all symptoms of pain. However, if you have heard of cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD), then you are likely to be aware how effective concentrated CBD Hemp Oil is for pain. It is a convenient solution and a scientifically proven option when it comes to treating pain from a variety of sources. The truth is that the analgesic (pain relieving) advantages of CBD Hemp Oil throughout the endocannabinoid system have been more than just well-research. There are numerous clinical trials that support the claims of CBD’s effectiveness for treating chronic pain.

Although CBD provides relief from many sources of pain, those who suffer from chronic pain are faced with a more challenging situation. Chronic pain can last for years and is often unable to be fully treated. That’s why those who suffer from it are usually concerned with whether or not CBD Hemp Oil is going to have a long-lasting effect and whether it can be used as a long-term treatment?

As it turns Out – It Can

Back in the year 2000 there was a treatment for chronic pain which was known as Sativex. It was based on THC and CBD principles, and it was put under effective clinical trials. In fact, it was approved and effectively put into use in Canada. It’s main designation was to treat chronic neuropathic pain derived from multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, in 2007 it was prescribed and related for treating severe pain related to cancer [Ther Clin Risk Manag. 2008 Feb].

Ever since Sativex, similar treatments have also significantly proven long-term beneficial effects of CBD Oil for Pain and the relief that it is capable of delivering. What is more, there have been absolutely no adverse health effects which were observed during the clinical trials or usage of Sativex.

Excessive Knowledge Available

There is an excessive wealth of significant medical knowledge which thoroughly supports the use of CBD Oil for pain relief, pain management and even for chronic pain for prolonged periods of time. More importantly, there is absolutely no evidence which supports the development of tolerance to the effects of the treatment over the long term of use. This means that, unlike other drugs, CBD Hemp Oil Products could actually serve as a permanent solution to pain relief.


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