LUV BYTES are earned by performing certain actions on our website, such as sharing on social media or signing up for our news letter.

Today each LUV BYTE is worth $.05 but as Luvitol the company grows, so will the value of LUV BYTES!

Use LUV BYTES to receive discounts on Luvitol CBD or save them up to redeem at a increased future cash value.


How to Earn LUV BYTES

  • Sign up for an account: 10 LUV BYTES
  • Refer a Friend to Luvitol CBD -> 50 LUV BYTES
  • Submit a Product Review -> 50 LUV BYTES
  • Share Luvitol CBD on Social Media
    • Share a Luvitol CBD Product on Facebook -> 15 LUV BYTES
    • Facebook Like a Luvitol CBD Product or Page -> 10 LUV BYTES
    • Share a Luvitol CBD Product or Page on Instagram –> 10 LUV BYTES
    • Share a Luvitol CBD Product or Page on Twitter –> 10 LUV BYTES
  • Share your Story telling others about your experience with CBD medicine -> 100 LUV BYTES
  • Comment on a Blog Post -> 10 LUV BYTES
  • Purchase Luvitol CBD Products -> Receive 100% of Purchase Price in LUV BYTES
  • Pay for your purchase using Bitcoin -> Receive 1 additional LUV BYTE for every dollar spent
  • Sign Up for Newsletter -> 15 LUV BYTES
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